My Writing, Queer

fuck closets

I wasn’t immune to the heteronormativity of the world but had grown up hippie dippie enough that when my best friend spun around, her long curly hair catching the sunlight and something dropped in my stomach, I knew enough to recognize that feeling as, “oh… I want to kiss her right now.”


Blueberries and Cauliflower – a lesson in cooking while travelling

Recipes made this week: Breakfast: Quick Pancake MedleyBlueberry Overnight Oats Peanut butter Overnight Oats Dinner: Curried Cauliflower Wrap Snack: Blueberry Banana Smoothie This week started off a little weird. Z and I were travelling via bus back from her dads house in New Hampshire. This was our second weekend in a row out of the… Continue reading Blueberries and Cauliflower – a lesson in cooking while travelling


Quick Pancake Medley

For dinner this past Monday I wanted breakfast for dinner. We had picked some fresh blueberries in New Hampshire the previous day, and had some leftover mushrooms we needed to use asap. Thus was born the pancake medley. Quick Pancake Medley Prep time: 10 minutesCook time: 30 minutesTotal time: 40 minutesServers 2-3 Ingredients: Pancakes: 1… Continue reading Quick Pancake Medley


In “Training” – Week 1

My immediate vision was of tying myself into a bow and bopping around on top of someone’s head but I quickly realized it was the bow of a ship. Got it. I can be a ship! Fast forward to me actually on the floor lifting my head and chest up and I realized that I was very wrong. It was a bow. Like one you shoot arrows with. I hate the English language sometimes.